We have been counseling, teaching and ministering for over 20 years now. Creating an online ministry
that tries to support itself online is new for us. But God is so good!

We chose Amazon for a general store for a few reasons. 

1) We wanted to have a place where anyone could feel good about shopping and find thousands of items.

2) They now carry almost everything imaginable so whatever you are looking for, use the categories
& search box
 on the right to find it or just click on the  Powered by Amazon.com logo to the right and you will be taken right to Amazon where you can search for whatever you're looking for.

3) Their site and check out system is always secure.

4) I have never had an issue with their procedures or shipping.

By using our links and this store you will be helping us to help others. YOU are the tool God uses to keep
us here.  Whenever you're shopping for something remember us and remember to see if Amazon can give you a deal

If we can help please contact us.